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As part of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort exclusive Membership privileges, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort Members have access to an exclusive area of the Resorts pristine beach…V.I.P Beach…where they can relax on special loungers soaking up the sun and receive distinctive beachside refreshment services.

  • Elegant beach furniture and hammocks
  • 2 large cool water jacuzzis
  • Zen – Sushi & Asian snack bar
  • Bubbles – Sparkling Wine Bar
  • Mixology – Cocktail Bar
  • Beach Butlers


Named after the dashing pirate who first landed here, Roberto Cofresi, this beach’s bounty lies within the beauty and tranquility to be found here. A treasure of sparkling sunshine, jewel tone colors of the Caribbean sea and earthy sand, all blend to make this cove a private and luxurious environment for all.

Of course, Lifestyle has added to this bounty with comfortably appointed beach beds and hammocks, as well as a seaside beach service that brings paradise up a notch.

You’ll be sure to find that perfect spot to while the hours away in a relaxation that is decadent. We won’t tell if you don’t!